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TrueXpro Lite

(CRM + Staff Management + Workflow Management + Operations)

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TrueXpro Lite

(CRM + Staff Management + Workflow Management + Operations)

Ready to ditch the operational drag and experience a streamlined future? TrueXpro's Operations Module isn't just another tool; it's a complete overhaul of how you run your business. Think of it as your personal efficiency engine, driving every aspect of your operations with precision and power.

[✓] Assets: Building the Infrastructure of Success

Assets are the cornerstones of your business, encompassing a wide array of physical and digital resources. From computer hardware to office equipment, machinery to software, our comprehensive definition of assets includes all the tools you require to operate efficiently. These resources are owned with the intent of driving your production processes and delivering top-notch goods and services. Unlike items intended for resale, these assets are the heartbeat of your operational prowess.

[✓] Resources: Unleashing Event Excellence

In the dynamic world of business, events are crucial moments that require meticulous planning and execution. Resources are the arsenal you wield to make these events unforgettable. Think of rooms and portable buildings, trailers and vehicles, staging, lighting systems, sound equipment, and even ice machines – all at your disposal to create impactful experiences. Whether you're organizing a grand launch or an intimate seminar, our array of resources is tailored to your event's success.

[✓] Casebooks: Chronicles of Progress

At TrueXpro, we believe in celebrating progress. Our casebooks serve as written records of a participant's journey through an event or activity. These invaluable narratives capture the essence of growth and achievement, opened the moment a participant enrols in one of your programs. With each casebook, you're not just documenting moments – you’re recording the transformational stories of those who partner with you.

[✓] Case Management: Navigating Success Together

Navigating the landscape of business success requires a reliable guide. Our case management process is a collaborative journey that assists clients in accessing the precise resources needed to reach their goals. Through consecutive phases of strategic support, we ensure that every client has access to the tools, knowledge, and opportunities that pave the way for tangible achievements.

[✓] Documents and Agreements: Written Foundations

In the modern business world, information is power. Our document management module is designed to securely store and manage two types of essential materials, documents and agreements. From electronic data files to official papers, our system is your digital repository for all crucial information. Meanwhile, our meticulously crafted agreements define the terms, conditions, and obligations that underpin your interactions with clients, suppliers, staff, and other stakeholders.

[✓] Workplace and Incident Reports: Nurturing a Safe Environment

Safety and accountability are non-negotiables in any successful enterprise. Our incident reports provide a formal channel for recording facts related to any incidents that may occur. Whether it's a personal injury, property damage, or even a breach of good leadership practices, our robust system ensures that every incident is documented, addressed, and used as a stepping stone towards an even safer and more productive work environment.

[✓] Work Centres: Where Vision Takes Shape

The heart of our project management lies in our work centres. These hubs of creativity and innovation store all the information about your projects and jobs. Whether it's for clients or internal use, work centres serve as the nucleus of our project management system, providing a platform for planning, collaboration, and the seamless execution of your grandest visions.

Here's how we make it happen:


Beyond CRM & Staff Management: We move beyond the basic trio to offer a comprehensive suite designed for total operational control. From managing assets and collaborating on projects to tracking work orders and analyzing data, TrueXpro has you covered.


Forget Spreadsheets, Embrace Teamwork: Ditch the email ping-pong and scattered spreadsheets. TrueXpro's unified platform brings your team together seamlessly, collaborating on tasks in real-time within a shared workspace. Imagine sticky notes that never fall off, and deadlines met with high-fives, not frantic calls.


Data-Driven Decisions, Smarter Operations: Unleash the power of unlimited data storage and powerful analytics. Gain real-time insights into your operations, identify bottlenecks, and optimize processes for maximum efficiency. Make informed decisions based on data that sings, not spreadsheets that shout.


Empower Your Team, Unleash Their Potential: Add unlimited users for just $550 per month, ensuring everyone has access to the tools and information they need to thrive. From frontline staff to management, empower your team and watch your operations soar.


Predictable Pricing, Peace of Mind: Enjoy a flat monthly fee with no hidden costs or surprises. Focus on growing your business, not your budget. TrueXpro puts the control back in your hands, not your wallet.


Effortless Transition, Guaranteed: Our dedicated team is here to guide you through the setup and ensure a smooth transition to the Operations Module. Leave the complexities to us, and focus on the possibilities.

Ready to ditch the operational drag and experience a streamlined future? Sign up for a free trial today and discover the TrueXpro difference.

Let's make your operations sing!

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